Mental IQ

Mental IQ


Mental IQ is the integration of your Unconscious, Conscious, and Super-Conscious minds working together in Harmony. This includes Right and Left Brain function, too.

Your Unconscious Mind stores all your belief complexes from childhood forward. It also regulates all your bodily functions so you don’t have to think about them.

Your Conscious Mind thinks about 70, 000 thoughts a day. We rarely stop to ask if this steady stream of thought is even true.

Your Super-Conscious Mind is your connection to the great intelligence that moves galaxies through space and has the all the wisdom you need to navigate life.


Unconscious Mind


Conscious Mind

Questioning Your Stressful Thoughts with The Work of Byron Katie

Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet and Instructions on How to Do the Work

judge your neighbor worksheet


The Work of Byron Katie~Audio Teleclass with Alan Davidson


Beyond Mindlessness and Mindfulness~

Video Report

All Mind

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Super Conscious Mind

Big Mind Meditation

“Big Mind Meditation is THE most powerful form of meditation I’ve found in 25-plus years of meditating.” Alan Davidson

Big Mind/Big Heart audio interview with

Genpo Roshi and Alan Davidson


Unshakable Peace of Mind~ Video Report


To Download the audio .mp3, right click this link and “Save As”


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