Physical IQ

Physical IQ


Physical IQ:

The foundation of Physical IQ is Sense & Center. It is your ability to sense the many sensations of your body in this present moment and to center it physically, gravitationally, and energetically; front-to-back, side-to-side, and top-to-bottom. Your body can distinguish up to 140,000 unique sensations.

The four pillars of Physical IQ are Strength, Flexibility, Grace, and Bearing.


Physical IQ

Body Brilliance Exercise Routine pdf;

Tai Chi Five Element Form;

Sense and Centering your body is the foundation of Physical Intelligence. The four pillars of theis Vital IQ are Strength, Flexibility, Grace, and Bearing (right posture). It is the perfect Balance of these qualities that create physical power.

Body Brilliance Exercise Routine pdf

Here is the Special User’s Manual

for all the exercises found in

Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital IQs

Click Here to download the 52 Page

Body Brilliance Exercise Routine


Dance of the Tao, Tai Chi, Grace and Physical IQ

Dance of the Tao~ Video Report

Tai Chi Five Element Form

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