Spiritual IQ

Spiritual IQ

Spiritual IQ, in your Five Vital IQs system, is the subtlest of the body’s five layers of consciousness (physical, emotional, mental, moral, and spiritual). One measure of Spiritual IQ is the flow of life force energy through your body. That life force is called chi in China and prana, in India.

Another measure of Spiritual IQ is Joy. How much Joy do you feel right now? There are many states of “being” available to us at all times. We choose these states either consciously or unconsciously. So choose joy.


Kaleidoscopic Chakras: Video Meditation

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“Spiritual IQ and Why it Matters”

Interview with Cindy Wigglesworth and Alan Davidson

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Cindy Wigglesworth

Cindy Wigglesworth bridges a solid business background with her passionate beliefs about the importance of integrating our spiritual and work lives. She spent 20+ years in human resources management for ExxonMobil Corporation.

Cindy’s spiritual foundation comes from a lifetime study of philosophy, psychology, religion and related sciences. Her latest studies have included Jungian Psychology, the science of consciousness, quantum physics and the major world religions.

She has gained a reputation as an expert in the field of “spirit at work” and speaks regularly on the subject. Cindy is the creator of the Spiritual Intelligence Assessment.  The SQ Assessment clarifies what constitutes Spiritual Intelligence and how it develops.


Here is a short video on Spiral Dynamics:


Here is the Spiral Dynamics article Cindy Mentions:

The Never-Ending Upward Quest

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Spiral Dynamics, 2nd Tier