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Chris Attwood: The Passion Test

Janet Attwood: Three Keys to Loving Fully

Richard Barrett: The Seven Levels of

Consciousness in People, Businesses, and Cultures

Werner Berger: Peace Summit Kilimanjaro

Marion Cook: Mastering Energy, Mastering Your Business

Susann Cook: Adult Ego Development

T. Thorn Coyle: Mysteries of the Body in Prayer

Alan Davidson & Anna Barbosa: Conversations with Houston Healers

Diane Musho Hamilton: Conflict – A Way to Awaken

Michael Gelb: Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci

Byron Katie: The Work~ Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

Deva Premal & Mitten: Sacred Chant and Song

Michael Dowd: Deep Integrity

Saleem Ebrahim: Speaking Your Truth with Power and Compassion

Stan Grof: The Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

Diane Hamilton: Body, Mind, Spirit, Shadow

Rick Hanson: Buddha’s Brain

Kim Knight – Emotional Intelligence Summit – Emotional Brilliance

George Leonard: The Five Keys of Mastery

George Leonard: The Silent Pulse

Michael Murphy & George Leonard: The Future of Human Potential

George Leonard & Wendy Palmer: Conscious Embodiment

Margaret Lynch: Get Your Sexy Back


Rob McNamara: Strength to Awaken

Sondra Ray & Mark Sullivan: Loving Relationships

Sondra Ray & Mark Sullivan: Radical Forgiveness

Sondra Ray: The Spiritual Secrets to Money

Debbie Rosas: Nia and The Five Stages of Healing

Genpo Roshi: Big Mind/Big Heart

Stephen Russell~ The Barefoot Doctor: Open Your Heart to the Tao

Marci Shimoff~ Love For No Reason

Rhys Thomas: The 7 Chakras

Rhys Thomas:  Your Life Purpose Profile

Andrew Vidich: The Seven Principles of Self-Transformation

Ken Wilber: Integral Theory and Elegant Solutions

Cindy Wigglesworth: Spiriutal IQ and Why it Matters

Marianne Williamson: The Age of Miracles

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  1. Margaret Ann Wilkerson says:

    Uncle Al: have you ever considered putting a month and year date on your monthly CD distribution? I am pecking away at cleaning up and organizing. Jim can tell you this is not small task. Month and year is a little thing but it would be a big help to me. I thought maybe you would have a date ordered list on TYB website but I do not see one. Hugs, MAW

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