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Asleep, Awake, Aware + Full Breath, Full Body Meditation

Talk – The one single most important distinction between Awake & Aware. Plus, the three ways your brain manages awareness.

Do What Needs To Be Done

Cancer, Mindset, Emotional IQ & Meditation

Talk~ The Latest research on Cancer & how Mindset, Emotional IQ & meditation can play an essential role in protection and preventing relapse

Meditation~ Sensory IQ meditation

Habits, Meditation, and Conscious Choice

Meditation Talk: Habits, and how meditation gives us conscious choice.

Highlights: Adversity + thought = emotional reaction. Meditation gives us a window of choice before our emotions can hijack a reaction.

Meditation: Activating breath, then guided deep relaxation

How the Soul Loves the Body

Meditation talk : “How the Soul Loves the Body.”

Meditation: Sensory awareness

Magic Manifesting & Meditation

Meditation Talk – Aligning your subconscious, conscious, and super-conscious minds – the ultimate in magic, manifesting, and meditation

Meditation – Finding Your Core Value

Let Your Life Be Your Teacher

Talk – Let Your Life Be Your Teacher

Meditation – Sense Your Body

Presence At The Worst Of Times

Talk~ we talk about death, grief, and presence. And the power of meditation to realize presence when extreme emotions and circumstance threaten to overwhelm us.

Meditation~ Rainbow Breath & Healing Cirlce

Rainbow Breath

Talk~ Fortitude, & Resilience during stressful times; Big Gay Al’s Kitchen Timer Technique

Meditation~ The Rainbow Breath

Rituals of Rest & Recovery

Talk~ Rituals of Rest & Recovery

Meditation – Sitting, Sensing,  Breathing, Being

Rituals of Rest and Recovery II

Meditation talk: Our day is filled with precious moments to ground, center, focus, and recharge our energy and attention.

Meditation: Centering and sensing the body

Sensory IQ vs Mental Labels

Talk~ The raw experience of sensation vs the mental labels we place on our experience

Meditation~ Grounding your attention in sensation

Soul Purpose

Talk~ Your Soul’s Purpose & Your Soul Signature

Meditation~ Simple awareness

Three Treasures

Meditation Talk – Your Three Treasures

Meditation – Activating Your Three Treasures

Your Rose Colored Mirror, Self Delusion, & Awareness

Talk~ The bias of self perception,

Meditation~ Grounding your attention in sensation

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